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June 3, 2016 Queens Park Medical Centre

Are you having trouble with your feet? Suffering from heel, ankle or lower limbs pain? Like to get your feet checked? Put your pain at ease by visiting Queens Park Medical Centre. We are pleased to welcome Passion Podiatry as our onsite podiatry service provider. Passion Podiatry is managed by the principal podiatrist, Jasmine Lee. She will be working closely with the doctors to provide comprehensive holistic healthcare services to ensure best outcome for your foot health.

Passion Podiatry offers friendly podiatry services for all age group. A podiatrist can assess, advice, diagnose, and recommend treatment and management for your lower limb, foot and ankle problems. Passion Podiatry deals with most aspects of podiatry care. These include

  • General foot, ankle and lower limb pain
  • General routine foot care and check-up
  • Nail problems (ingrown, thickened, fungal toenails)
  • Skin problems (plantar warts, cracked heels, corn and callouses)
  • High risk foot assessment and management (diabetes, arthritis)
  • Children’s foot problems (growing pain, toe walker, intoe gait)
  • Sports injuries (ankle sprains, blisters, shin splint)
  • Nail surgery
  • Acupuncture (traditional Chinese and dry needling)
  • Footwear review and recommendation
  • Foot orthoses prescription and manufacture (custom and prefabricated)

Passion podiatry offers bulk billings services to patients with doctor’s referral for Department of Veteran Affairs (DVA) or Enhance Primary Care Plan (EPC), as well as onsite private health funds rebates for private patients. Besides, other forms of podiatry services such as home visits and after hour podiatry care can also be made available upon request.

Podiatry conditions can lead to extreme discomfort, often causing patients to lose mobility and strength. Many conditions, if left untreated can lead to further problems as well as long-term pain and degeneration. Regular inspection of your feet, early detection and prompt treatment of foot conditions by your podiatrist and attention to the right footwear, go a long way in preventing serious foot complications. So, take the right step and speak to one of our doctors or our podiatrist today to find out how we can best assist you with a podiatry plan to maintain your mobility and foot health.