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Queens Park Medical Centre as an Employer of Choice

I have worked for Queens Park Medical Centre in 2009 and again from 2016 to 2018. I would say that they are very family orientated and show that not only is their family important to them but also my wellbeing as well as my families are too. This means that we are all treated like family and not just a number as is the case with so many other businesses these days. Dr. Ong is a very strong believer of home and work balance this makes it great for an employee as he is understanding if you need to have a few hours off to go and see your GP, dentist etc.  He is also very approachable so I never have any qualms of asking him any question, he is always willing to give me an answer or advice, he is also approachable if you want to improve or add to your skills base, he is willing to help wherever possible, or points you in the right direction. Your ideas and suggestions are always listened to and valued and if he feels that they are useful, he will also implement them.

The other staff members, be they doctors, nursing staff or admin staff, are all very kind and helpful and are always ready to lend a helping hand if I ever needed one. We also have fun together and laugh a lot, it really is a great place for to work in! We have social evenings or lunches where staff get together to just celebrate “us”, we also celebrate Christmas or other milestones where Dr. Ong/ Queens Park Medical Centre pay for our lunch or dinner, this is a really fantastic bonus as not many companies do this.

Another bonus for me is that the Medical Centre it is easily accessible and close to where I live so getting to work is less stressful than fighting the traffic to go to work in the city, plus….your parking is free and on the premises!

Our patients are mostly very friendly, kind and a pleasure to deal with. We have very few grumpy patients but the kind ones far outweigh them! Our patients are also quite generous, over the festive season particularly, and bring in biscuits for our morning tea, yummy!

All in all I would highly recommend them as an Employer of Choice, trust me I know how difficult and demanding some employers can be, but you won’t find that here!

Emanuela Gherardotti