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339 Wharf Street, Queens Park WA 6107

Local Medical Centre

Our Vision, Mission & Values

At Queens Park Medical Centre, your local medical centre, our Vision is to deliver timely, effective treatment with a holistic approach to care.  Ultimately, it is our Mission that everyone who comes leaves feeling better.

We also believe when we are the best person that we can be as individuals, then we are the best team member we can be.  Furthermore, together as a team we can serve the community with the best of our skills and abilities and be the best local Medical Centre we can be.

Soread on and let us share the personal, team and community values we try to operate by at QPMC.

Our Local medical Centre

Personal Rules

– Live with Integrity and abide with our team values

– Be ethical, responsible, honest and punctual

– Deliver on your promises

– Ensure others are treated fairly and with respect

– Be creative and curious in problem-solving and engage stakeholders with differing viewpoints

– Always take the opportunity to learn

– Speak with good purpose and intention, always seeking a positive outcome.

Team Rules

– Show accountability in carrying out our roles

– Be responsible for our own productivity, attitude and contribution to the team

– Finish what you start while focusing on what works

– Engage with other team members for ensuring completion of unfinished tasks

– Learn, share and seek support from each other

– Recognise accomplishments in each other and embrace change.


– To be focused to deliver the best customer service and meet expectations

– Be respectful, be sincere, be caring, be empathetic

– Openly receive feedback, listen with openness and work towards constructive solutions

– Be deliberate in how we build great relationships in the community.

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