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Medical Condition management

Do you have a Medical Conditon needing specific or regular Management?

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Medical condition management

Medical Condition Management

Our team can assist with the diagnosis and ongoing management of various medical conditions.  These include asthma, diabetes, COPD (bronchitis, emphysema etc.), heart disease, osteoporosis and arthritis.

Furthermore, our doctors are knowledgeable in all these conditions and will give you the right advice and guidance.

Additionally, we work with our patients on prevention of chronic diseases and provide regular checks on cholesterol, glucose and blood pressure and help patients improve these.

Asthma Treatment Perth

Asthma Diagnosis & Management

Here, at Queens Park Medical, our team of approachable and friendly GPs fully understand the importance of asthma diagnosis and management.  To assist, our doctors use peak flow meters and spirometry.

Additionally, we perform regular reviews, create full asthma management plans and prescribe reliever and preventative medications where needed.

Finally, our GPs can also refer people with serious asthma to allergy and/or respiratory specialists.

Diabetes medical Management Perth

Diabetes Management

Our experienced team of GPs understand how crucial it is to recognise the importance of the four main areas of diabetes management.  Namely, blood pressure, blood glucose, body weight and lipids.

In addition, our supportive GP team can provide help and advice on increasing patient exercise levels. They also provide counselling and medications when needed.

Subsequently, we belive working in close partnership with diabetic educators, dieticians and endocrinologists whose specialist area is diabetes.   Our doctors work with diabetes patients to control the disease.

Copd Management

Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease

Our doctors understand that COPD tends to worsen over time. They, therefore, focus on the monitoring and routine follow up of patient symptoms.

Ordinarily, our team prescribe medications to improve the ability to exercise and to reduce the severity and frequency of symptoms and exacerbations.

Heart Disease condition Management Perth

Heart Disease Management

Our GPs are fully aware of how crucial it is to perform individual cardiovascular assessments on adults aged over 45, and even younger for high risk groups.

To explain, we take detailed patient histories comprising of aspects such as smoking status, family history of conditions.  Conditions, such as familial hypercholesterolemia and coronary heart disease and any past history of other diseases, including metabolic syndrome, heart disease and diabetes.

Subequently, all patients are kept up-to-date with copies of their results and are informed of their cholesterol level readings.  Our GPs then create long-term plans to further monitor and treat cholesterol levels.

Finally, the GP will encourage all patients to quit smoking, eat healthily, exercise on a regular basis and to control their weight.  We work in tandem with other health professionals, including exercise physiologists, cardiologists and dieticians to provide the best possible care.

Osteoporosis Management Perth

Osteoporosis Management

People with osteoporosis have brittle bones that are often fractured with minimal trauma.  Here, at Queens Park Medical Centre, all our osteoporosis patients are encouraged to have adequate dietary calcium and maintain sufficient vitamin D levels to strengthen the bones.

Furthermore, exercise is also considered to be a crucial aspect in the treatment and prevention of the disease.

Additionally, other treatments including tablets, six-monthly injections and yearly infusions and can also be fully tailored to patient need.

Arthritis Management Perth

Arthritis Management

Arthritis is a common condition that results in inflammation and joint pain.  Anyone can get arthritis, including children and young people.

Unfortunatley, the path of the disease can often be unpredictable,  but with the correct approach it can be controlled.

Ultimately, the GPs ensure that every arthritis patient is given a pain treatment and management strategy that’s fully focused on his or her needs.